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Sackmann, Hilmar


I’m trying to make a TightVNC-Connection out of my Browser to a TightVNC-Server on a regular Windows7-PC via an java-applet inside the html-page.

The user has a field to enter the ip-address and a button to start the connection inside this html-page.

After clicking the button to start the connection

1.       a link to is displayed inside my html-page

2.       a small popup-window for the VNC-authentication shows up

3.       after entering the correct credentials a new browser-window with the opened vnc-connection is shown


This is my problem. I would like to have the opened vnc-connection inside my original html-page not in a new browser-window.

Inside my html-page I already use the parameter OpenNewWindow=no.


If I try to connect to an SIEMENS HMI-panel using so called Sm@rtService (which should be a kind of Tight-VNC-Server afaik) it works fine.

Everything takes place in the same browser-window. Is there a possibility to get the same behavior on the Windows7-PC.

I use for both connections the same html-file. It’s just a different IP-address entered by the user….


Please let me know…


Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind regards

i.A. Hilmar Sackmann
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