linux java viewer (now with ssh) - how to stop prompt?

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linux java viewer (now with ssh) - how to stop prompt?

B. S.
I have scripts and aliases for firing up vncviewer with my favourite
options. Basically, I just vnc {machine} from the command line and up
pops the window.

On a new machine I got down tvnjviewer 2.7.2 - evidently ssh support has
been added along the way.

Now when I vnc {machine} up pops a window / prompt (offering ssh
options), whereas before the remote screen just opened up. I click
connect, and all is well ... but how do I ignore the ssh options and
just try to connect as usual?

I've tried with and without -connect {machine} or -host {machine} with
no change. Normally I use neither, letting the positional parameter effect.

Could either the prior behaviour (no prompt) be restored, a -nossh (or
something) parameter be created, or how do I avoid the prompt / dialog box?


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