how do I compile tightvnc with GLX support?

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how do I compile tightvnc with GLX support?

Leonhard Clarks
when I try to run any OpenGL application in the vncviewer (served by tightvnc), I get errors like
>$ glxgears
>Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":1.0".
>Error: couldn't get an RGB, Double-buffered visual

The closest hint that I could find about GLX with tightvnc is :
"Building of Xvnc is pretty difficult for people who never did it. Also
7.5 server is different from 6.8.2 in many things.
- see unix/README for instructions (get source from git, patching)
- if you want GLX support you have to install mesa project
( and run configure with

But the latest download neither has the unix/ directory, which is mentioned in this hint, nor does the Xvnc/configure script interpret the --with-mesa-source in any way.

Can I find some guidelines somewhere, how to compile TightVNC with GLX support?
Any other free VNC package, that is easier to install with GLX support than TightVNC, would do as well. (Please don't suggest VirtualGL, because I find the GLP part in their documentation too confusing, and I don't have strong graphics acceleration on the server anyway.)

Thank you

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