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about CreateProcessAsUser 87 error

vnc version: 2.4.2
 my server os:  windows 2003 sp2 32bit.
my dev IDE: vs 2008 sp1 

i have a windows' service in my server, it will open vnc process.
when i connect my server , it doesn't work.

vnc log have a error info:
[16:57:13.609]|[0548]|[Info]|Entering RFB initialization phase 1
[16:57:14.437]|[0548]|[Info]|RFB initialization phase 1 completed
[16:57:14.437]|[0548]|[Info]|Shared flag = 1
[16:57:14.437]|[0548]|[Info]|Initial view-only state = 0
[16:57:14.437]|[0548]|[Info]|Authenticated with view-only password = 0
[16:57:14.437]|[0548]|[Info]|Creating DesktopClient
[16:57:14.437]|[126c]|[Info]|winlogin start!
[16:57:14.437]|[0548]|[Error]|write() function stopped because transport has not been initialized yet.
[16:57:14.437]|[126c]|[Info]|Try to start ""c:\program files\tightvnc.exe" -desktopserver -logdir "C:\Documents and Settings\Default User\Application Data\TightVNC" -loglevel 0 -shmemname Global\sxprapigxracspnexjwy" process as current user at 2 session
[16:57:14.437]|[126c]|[Info]|sti: cb = 68, hStdError = 00000000, hStdInput = 00000000, hStdOutput = 00000000, dwFlags = 0
[16:57:14.437]|[126c]|[Info]|Try OpenProcessToken(FFFFFFFF, , )
[16:57:14.437]|[126c]|[Info]|Try DuplicateTokenEx(000001F8, , , , , )
[16:57:14.437]|[126c]|[Info]|Try SetTokenInformation(000001F4, , , )
[16:57:14.437]|[126c]|[Info]|Try CreateProcessAsUser(000001F4, 0, " c:\program files\tightvnc.exe" -desktopserver -logdir "C:\Documents and Settings\Default User\Application Data\TightVNC" -loglevel 0 -shmemname Global\sxprapigxracspnexjwy, 0, 0, 0, NORMAL_PRIORITY_CLASS, 0, 0, sti, pi)
[16:57:14.531]|[126c]|[Error]|Failed to start process with 87 error

when i compare official least version, i found  void CurrentConsoleProcess::start() isn't be changed.

but tvnc is good work on my other windows 2003 server, it is install form same CD/DVD.


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