Way to track successfully logged in clients

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Way to track successfully logged in clients

vrishab in

    Is there a way to track clients ( vncviewer ) which have successfully authenticated to the "Xtightvncserver" ?

    Expected output:

    Say, there are 10 users and 10 sessions ( 1 for each user - no sharing ). 8 users have logged in with the correct password. 1 user has connected but is yet to enter the password. 1 user has not tried to connect.

    The expected output here is: 8 ( successfully logged in users )

    What I have tried so far ?
    I tried the log file, but it was a bit confusing as it gave "Client x.x.x.x gone" messages ( which normally happens when client disconnects ) even when the client is actively using the session  - or - maybe I'm not looking for the correct message in the log file.

    I'm not considering the netstat output here, as there is an "ESTABLISHED" TCP connection state for clients which are in the process of logging in. ( vncviewer showing the password dialog )

   Any help is welcome !



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