Trying to Intergrade TightVNC in PHP

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Trying to Intergrade TightVNC in PHP

Well, I wonder waht I did wrong..
I want to use the "open new window" flag and the ENCPASSWORD flag but they dont really work I guess.
Here is my code:

                echo ";ARROW LEFT;p id=\"applet\";ARROW RIGHT;;ARROW LEFT;APPLET CODE=\"VncViewer.class\" ARCHIVE=\"VncViewer.jar\"".
                     "WIDTH=$Width". //;ARROW LEFT;script language=\"JavaScript\" type=\"text/javascript\";ARROW RIGHT;((screen.width)-32);ARROW LEFT;/script;ARROW RIGHT;
                         "HEIGHT=$Height;ARROW RIGHT;".
                     ";ARROW LEFT;PARAM NAME=\"HOST\" VALUE=;ARROW RIGHT;". //Contstant
                         ";ARROW LEFT;PARAM NAME=\"PORT\" VALUE=5901;ARROW RIGHT;". //Port is UID+5900
                         ";ARROW LEFT;PARAM NAME=\"ENCPASSWORD\" VALUE=$PASSWORD;ARROW RIGHT;". //Password Given to come here.
                         ";ARROW LEFT;PARAM NAME=\"open new window\" VALUE=yes". //Make Small Window

Well, why does open new window not work here?
And what is the Encryption key I need to Encrypt $PASSWORD with DES?


ps. I changed the < and the other arrow to the annoying ;MSG; since well else it is interpreted as HTML.
Anyhow, can anyone help me?