Trouble: VNC quits when "Current User Properties" closes

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Trouble: VNC quits when "Current User Properties" closes

Daniel Griscom
I'm having a pair of troubles with VNC on one machine:

- When the server is installed as a service, every time I connect
remotely and login I see the "TightVNC Server: Current User
Properties" window

- If I then close or cancel the window, VNC quits.

It looks like, when VNC is being started by Windows, it is for some
reason showing the properties window rather than just starting in the
background. And, when that window is closed, VNC exits.

Any thoughts?

(I'm about to send a related email about reinstalling VNC from
scratch with the default settings.)


Daniel T. Griscom             [hidden email]
Suitable Systems    
1 Centre Street, Suite 204    (781) 665-0053
Wakefield, MA  01880-2400

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