TightVNC version 2.7.10 is here already

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TightVNC version 2.7.10 is here already

Nadezhda Ovchinnikova
Hello everyone!

Are you after some nice improvements and extra features TightVNC might
bring you? Do you want something to be fixed? It's possible we have you
covered already!

The newest TightVNC version 2.7.10 is what you would not want to miss:
    * Check how file transfer UI is way better now. File listing is more
convenient, with the possibility to sort files in the ascending or
descending order.
    * Try out the extended key combination support: you can freely use
Windows key (alone or in combination with other keys), as well as
Alt-Tab in the full-screen mode.

    * Do you have a couple of monitors connected to different graphics
cards? Now you can run Server on such machine and be sure to see the
full monitor span in Viewer.

    * Are you running legacy hardware? You'll be pleased to get some
performance gain due to the accelerated JPG encoding and decoding.

You'll find the rest of the details spelled out here:

And go get this TightVNC release in our Downloads section!

Best Wishes,
TightVNC team

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