TightVNC stops updating display when using Vine Server

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TightVNC stops updating display when using Vine Server

I've been using TightVNC from my WinXP machine at home, to connect to my Mac OS X machine at work (running Vine Server) via an SSH tunnel.  It connects just fine, but after a minute or two, the GUI for the OS X machine becomes totally unresponsive.  it doesn't disconnect, it just seems to stop updating.

For instance, I'll be typing a message and the screen just stops showing any changes.  So I disconnect and reconnect TightVNC, and when the new window comes up, said message is there, including what I typed after it stopped responding.

Now, when using RealVNC or UltraVNC clients, everything works just fine, albeit much slower than with TightVNC.  This gives me the impression that the issue is not with the connection (made via PuTTY, which is totally responsive when using it as an ssh shell), but with the combination of the TightVNC client (on wndows) and Vine server (on mac).

Is this a known issue?   Any ideas on how to fix it?

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