TightVNC and Java against high security

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TightVNC and Java against high security


Hello, Everybody,


I have been checking with TightVNC and going to a home networking, i.e.,, if you use your browser with Java plugin installed like and try to connect to another computer that have TightVNC installed also, Java plugin, too. if java application blocked against high or very high security, you cannot access to unless you have to add a Trusted Site List, like http (or https://) example.com. That have been implanted in Java 7.0 and 8.0. That’s too strict! Eeek. So, I think I would recommend my friends using TightVNC Viewer that can be downloaded from www.tightvnc.com in the download section of this site if they don’t already have TightVNC installed so, that they can easily access to my computer like if they need to assist me with my troubled software, like for example, Microsoft Office. Anyway, that is the best way, because if my friend is in the office, I do not know my friend’s IP address to be “trusted”.


I have been a longtime Java and VNC user since 1990’s. I found it easily accessed via either the browser or VNC Viewer without any hassles due of no security that was what I liked it very much. Sadly, Java has became more and more strict about untrusted sites for a high or very high security nowadays.


Your feedback is welcomed.


Thank you,

~Johnny J

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