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TightVNC Service - Start at Boot - No Login Required?


I have been a long-time fan of TVNC.
I've set it up just fine on my folks' system in MD and I access their PC
all of the time from FL thru TVNC.
They have WinXP Home SP2.
I can reboot their system and get right back in.

Now, I've tried the same with my sister's PC.
Same OS, but she's got a Gateway, my folks' have my old Compaq.
That's the only difference.
They both have BitDefender anti-virus/spam/spyware/firewall configured to
let connections in thru TightVNC.

But, my sister's system will not start TightVNC's service until someone,
anyone, logs in for the first time.
(When I say log in, I mean to just click on their user icon to get into
Windows. There are no passwords.)

Why won't TightVNC start at the initial Welcome screen w/o someone logging
This is frustrating as all getout!


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