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TightVNC -Connection Problems

Hello all

I installed TightVNC on 5 computers that are on the same LAN. Started
the server as a service, rebooted, and tried to connect with my laptop
(computer 5)

All desktops but one are Windows Vista Home Premium (other is XP Home)
Laptop is Windows Vista Business
I have all the computers logged on as admin

Set passwords

When I try to connect to the laptop I get a message that says
"connection refused" with another window saying "Authentication Scheme
Requested", then I type in the password and I get one window that says,
"Connection Failed" and another that says, "Authentication Failed"

When I try to connect from a desktop to a desktop and laptop to desktop
I get, "Connection Closed" and "Client initialization message sent"

Any help would be greatly appreciated .......

let me know if my info is needed

Thank you,
Raul Hines
[hidden email]


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