Sticky Alt Key in Java viewer

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Sticky Alt Key in Java viewer

I realize that development is slow, but I wanted to point out that I'm
having problems with a Sticky Alt key when using the Java Viewer v2.8.2.

I'm using the viewer inside of a Citrix session if that makes any
difference, but when I use Alt-tab of move between the Java Viewer
window and other local windows, the Alt key is stuck when I return to
the VNC session until such a time I press the alt key.

 From the TightVNC change log for beta version 2: "New viewer will reset
keyboard modifiers to their actual state on restoring keyboard focus.
That was a long-term problem of the viewer. After leaving the viewer
window with Alt+Tab and returning to the viewer again, Alt could get
"stuck" and one would need to press Alt once again to restore correct
keyboard handling. We've eliminated that problem at last."

Unfortunately the above described fix did not work for me.  Any help
would be appreciated.


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