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In upgrading from v1.2.9 to v1.3.9 I have noticed a strange
change in the way the vncviewer window can be resized.
In v1.2.9 the maximum size of the vncviewer window would be
the full size of the desktop screen from the server. In v1.3.9 the
vncviewer window can be resized larger than the server screen
such that there is a black border around the screen.

I have noticed that minimizing the vncviewer window can cause
the connection between server and viewer to lock-up, but resizing
the vncviewer down does not cause this. In v1.2.9 it was easy to
grab the window edge and size down the vncviewer window when
necessary, then drag it back to full size when needed. In v1.3.9
when dragging the window back to full size, it will extend beyond
the served screen.

Has anyone else noticed this behavior or determined any command
line switches, settings, or registry entries to limit the size of the
vncviewer window to the size of the server screen?

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