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Maciej Chmielarz

I am helplessly looking for a convenient way to annotate Power Point slides presented from my laptop using my Android phone or tablet and a stylus. I tried Remote Ripple and it is very, very promising for that purpose, but would need one minor extra feature/option to be fully operational. Please consider implementing it.

There is a nice feature that when you "press" and hold mouse button on the Android screen, Remote Ripple keeps it "pressed" until you tap on it again. It allows handwriting on a Power Point slide using built-in annotating feature, but has one great disadvantage - when you stop writing one letter and move to the another you get a line connecting previous letter ending with following letter begining. Although you move the stylus above the screen and just tap another point on the screen it works as you would move the mouse from one point to the another with the button pressed. It seems to be reasonable in some way but unables normal handwriting.

For writing you would need an option that keeps the mouse button "pressed", but only WHEN and WHERE you touch the Android screen.

Interestingly how the program works now is that when you have mouse key permanently "pressed" and you just tap two different points on the screen you don't get the line connecting those two points. You get the line only when you tap another point on the screen after moving the stylus and drawing a line.

Thank you in advance for taking my proposal into consideration.

Kind regards,

 Maciej Chmielarz

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