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Constantin Kaplinsky
Hello Mike,

>>>>> [hidden email] wrote:

> I have just installed TightVNC. Both server and client are XP
> professional, the server has a TV as its only display and no mouse or
> keyboard; the client is a laptop. Everything works fine, including
> running VLC for example, except when I run up the WinTV (Hauppage)
> application. Then everything slows down to a complete crawl; it can
> take literally 5 minutes for a mouse movement to show up, leaving no
> alternative but to shut the application down again (waiting until it
> takes effect) then it all gets restored to a proper speed again. I
> can also connect using Windows remote desktop and the problem does
> not occur, so WinTV is actually running OK and it is a VNC problem.
> Of course running through Remote Desktop blanks out the TV display so
> loses the whole point!
> Has anybody got any ideas as to why this one program should interact
> so badly with VNC?

Perhaps it uses some hardware acceleration methods that slow down access
to pixels on the screen. I think playing with hardware video
acceleration level may affect the performance. By the way, do you use
TightVNC with the mirror driver?

With Best Wishes,

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