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Constantin Kaplinsky
Hello Chris,

>>>>> Chris Castle wrote:

> Hello, I'm currently implementing a VNC client from the documentation
> provided by various RFB documents that I have found, including
> Constantin's documentation of the Tight encoding.
> I have been looking for Constantin's codec comparisons to decide
> which order I should specify my supported codecs and I haven't been
> able to find them yet.  I noticed a post about them on the mailing
> list but it appears as though the mentioned location does not exist
> anymore.  Do the comparisons still exist?  If so, where can I find
> them?

No, they are not available any more as they are completely obsolete.
Here is a bit of history -- I wrote the following on the comparison page
(about five years ago):

    Please note that the comparisons presented below correspond to the
    1.1 version of the Tight Encoder and do not reflect major
    enhancements introduced in TightVNC 1.2. Measuring performance and
    providing detailed comparisons is not always straightforward and
    takes time, but at current moment I prefer to concentrate on
    development instead of preparing accurate performance comparisons.
    The only thing I can say for sure is that TightVNC 1.2 significantly
    improves both bandwidth and CPU usage efficiency as compared to older
    versions of VNC Tight Encoder.

With Best Wishes,

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