Problems with new Cisco.

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Problems with new Cisco.

Graham Argyle

This is my first try at this support system, thanks in advance.


This is what I had:


Location 1 – Cisco 2600 router

Location 2 – Cisco 1700 router


VNC worked fine.


What I how have:


Location 1 – Cisco 1800W

Location 2 – Cisco 1800W


VNC not working properly.


I copied the configurations of the old routers to the new routers and changed the appropriate info to make the new routers work, and they do work fine.


The problem is that TightVNC when connected to a remote PC does not show the screen on the local PC. I know it’s connected as the mouse moves on the remote and the “V” logo changes, it’s just that the screen doesn’t show.


I have checked the route, I have checked the ports (I think).


I am at a loss. Help


Graham Argyle
Systems Analyst


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