Problem with blank screen after waking laptop

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Problem with blank screen after waking laptop

Paul Davison
Hi. I've seen this problem mentioned infrequently when googling for similar

I've got two laptops (both XP home) and a desktop (Linux - kubuntu). I run
an SSH server on the linux box which is open to the www. I also run ssh
servers (through cygwin) on both laptops so I can basically log into a linux
console from the www and then log into a cygwin shell from the linux box to
either xp machine. I have tightvnc server running on both xp machines, one
is 5900 and the other 5902.

I can wake either xp laptop using a wake-on-LAN packet. One I can then open
a remote desktop absolutely fine over vnc, but the second one I just get a
blank screen in the vnc client window. If somebody 'wakes' the screen with
the mouse or keyboard then it shows up in the vnc client. Even if the screen
is blank I can still ssh into a cygwin shell on that laptop. I am wondering
whether there may be a simple solution, such as being able to type some sort
of command from the cygwin shell to wake up the screen. Otherwise, I'm a bit
stumped. I can't see anything obvious I can change in the BIOS settings and
I've also tried various things such as switching off screen savers and
turning off windows fast user switching, to no avail.

Does anyone have some constructive advice on other things I can try to get
the vnc connections working after a resume from standby on the 2nd laptop?


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