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Performance slows to a crawl with some applications

mmortal 03
I'm noticing something very similar to what John described above a few months ago, and have been able to reproduce it on two machines so far. I'm running Windows 10, but I don't know if that part is important or not. It's very simple to reproduce. To see if you can, here are the steps:

Go to the Start Menu and type Computer Management and run it (or right click on "This PC" -- the same as Computer or My Computer in the past versions of Windows -- and click Manage).

Once it loads, expand the Task Scheduler system tool in the left hand column and then single click on the Task Scheduler Library. Once the center list loads, try to right click on one of the listed scheduled tasks, and you will begin to see the session lagging. If you try to browse through the list of scheduled tasks, or even click on various shortcuts on your desktop while the Task Scheduler Library remains open, you'll definitely notice a lag. On a slower machine of mine, this practically locked up the remote session. On the faster machine that I tried it on it was more responsive, but still lagged considerably.

However, as soon as you close out the Computer Management window, or even just click on one of the other System Tools in its left hand column such that the Task Scheduler Library is no longer open, then the session will go back to being responsive again.

A quick check of CPU usage in Task Manager while the Task Scheduler Library was open (I had to view this locally because the lag was so bad remotely) showed that tvnserver.exe was getting a significant bump in CPU usage whenever the Task Scheduler Library was open. As soon as the Task Scheduler Library was closed, tvnserver.exe dropped back to lower CPU usage levels.

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