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Java Viewer on Internet Explorer

Hello all,

I have a small Question..
I am working on a Linux Pc that is going to be a Remote Box.
The server is running Fedora Core 6 and its running the Xvnc Server.
So, well I made a page that runs the Java Viewer or yours.
Works Great ^^ on Firefox..
But when I try InternetExplorer(6 and 7) it doesnt load the Java Applet at all.
Well It loads but It doesnt show anything. I have asked around on a server Forums/Mailing lists already.
And, after all the reasearch I figured out:
 - Its not IEs fault nor JRE. Since IE doesnt run Java at all, and the same JRE is beeing used on Firefox and Opera..
 - It should just work, nobody understands it.
So, I thought Id ask the VNC users. Who knows why it doesnt run? and How to make it run?

Oh, and a Question all aside from this, does it run on all Java Browsers? Konqurer, Safari, Firefox, Seamonkey, Iceweasel, Opera, IE, Netscape and Minimo?

I hope you guys can help me out,
 - Robin

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