How to lock TightVNC Configuration

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How to lock TightVNC Configuration

Yudi Wijaya
I'm Junior IT Administrator at company..
We have 3 floor..
So there is printer that use cheap ink at 3rd floor and sometime employee from 1st floor print some
documents to that printer.
The problem is sometime printer hang, so they must go back to 1st floor do re-print and go again to
3rd floor. Well, it's not effective. So i planning to deploy remote application, i choose TightVNC
to do this job.

2nd case is my boss ask me.. how to spy what employee doing on their desktop.. i tell him that VNC
can do silent spy. Of course for employee that doesn't know IT Security much. But it's ok.. the plan
is keep going.
At least they scare to play Solitaire, etc or browsing on the net or chatting much that not related
with office job.

TightVNC looks like suitable to my need..
There are 2 passwords on VNC Configuration: 1st is full control and 2nd is just for viewer.

So, for 2nd (viewer only) the password only my boss and IT Administrator know it. For 1st password
(full control) we generate random password for each employee, then set it on their computer and tell
the employee for their secret password.

The question is: I want to secure the TightVNC Properties / Configuration, so only IT Admin can
change the password. It's like when you open the TightVNC Configuration it will ask for correct
password, so you can modify the settings.
How?? :)

Please help me,
Thanks a lot...

Best Regards,

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