How to implement H264 for TightVNC?

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How to implement H264 for TightVNC?

Đoàn Hiển
Hello, I'm Hien and I am an IT student. I am now working on project related to H264 and VNC.
I used TightVNC before, when i open a window with video inside (eg : Google chrome with Youtube), or simply drag a window dialog, the "screen" I see on tvn-viewer is so lag. I changed some options, this increased the smooth of the screen, but it also raised the network consumption.
I know that H264 is fit for video-like screen, but in "quiet" screen, tight-codec is seemed to be best.
Can you tell me what to do to intergrate advantages of both h264 and tight? Is this possible to do it? Where should I start?
Thank you.


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