Has anyone had viewer freezes?

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Has anyone had viewer freezes?

Irene Smith
Has anyone had viewer freezes?

We have about a dozen test machines. On 5 machines the
viewer image updates stop. The Refresh button does not
recover from the freeze. The freezes are random,
anywhere from 1 minute to 30 minutes into the session.

This problem happens only on XP with jre 1.4 or jre 1.5
Never happens on jre 1.6. Never happens on linux.

The behavior seems to be that the repaint() thread is
starved, such that the paints do not occur. The frame
buffer requests are happening - the server is giving

When I change VncCanvas from Component to JComponent I
still get the problem except that we get artifacts
from the sharer's mouse events.

The problem occurs on tightvnc java viewer 1.2.9 and
latest version 1.3.9 (released May 2007).

Several of my failing machines have either Hyper-
threading or Intel Core-duo. However, when dual CPU
was changed to single (in the BIOS) the same problem

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