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Error: access denied ("","","connect,resolve")

Ali Raza Memon

I am working on a virtualization project using xen hypervisor. I have to machines. Machine A has an IP address and machine B has Both machines contains xampp server, connected through simple UTP cable, no router no modem, working locally.All the configuration has done on machine B. When I used TightVNC java viewer It works fine on host machine, that is machine B. Following is the applet code:

<APPLET CODE="VncViewer.class" ARCHIVE="VncViewer.jar"
        WIDTH="1366" HEIGHT="768">
<param name="HOST" value="">

I have several virtual machines with unique ports like 5901,5902,... all working fine on changing port dynamically in applet code on host system. When I am accessing machine B from A it gives me an error, that is as follows:

Error: access denied ("","","connect,resolve")

Could you please help me . .

Ali Raza Memon
B.E Software Engineering,
Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro.

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