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EchoVNC 2.30 now available for download

Scott C. Best

  Hello! Apologies as necessary for the cross-posting.
The EchoVNC team is pleased to announce a major release of our
software: version 2.30 is now available!

  GPL'd source and a binary installer are available here:

  EchoVNC 2.30 supports the following features:

o Secure VNC sessions to Windows PC's and OSX Macs behind
   unconfigured firewalls, routers, and web-proxies
o A highly improved Viewer GUI, for point-and-click connection
o Support for all other VNC platforms, as well as Remote Desktop
   and RAdmin services
o Logging of remote support sessions to a Shockwave movie file
o A "dynamic-DNS" capability for VNC Servers without static IP
o End-to-end data security via OpenSSL's 128-bit AES encryption
o Support for HTTP, SOCKS and ISA/NTLM web-proxies

  This release is "back to the future" for us. Instead of
being a completely separate VNC flavor, EchoVNC can optionally
be used in conjunction with other VNC servers or other VNC Viewers.
So if you enjoy the feature set of Ultr@VNC (and who doesn't?), but
can't quite figure out how to use their repeater (and who can?),
you can now use EchoVNC to facilitate making a firewall-friendly
connections between an Ultr@VNC Viewer and Server. Or Real, or
Tight, or whatever. The Startup Wizard that runs with our installer
is smart enough to detect if you already have a VNC service running,
and will offer you the option of working with it.

  Also, as mentioned, this release of EchoVNC supports both
Remote Desktop and RAdmin connections. So if sound and remote
printing and perfect Vista support have been major concerns for
you...I hope this addresses them.

  Finally, a shout out to the beta-testers and development
partners who contributed a lot in helping to get us this far,
especially the team at ITelagen ( Couldn't have
done it without you!


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