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Default vs Current User Server Properties

Hello All,

I'm seeing a peculiar behavior that I can't explain, so I'm looking to the
experts for assistance.  I have TightVNC running on several machines with
the VNC server installed as a system service.
I'll outline the steps necessary to reproduce what I'm seeing, and I'll use
a typical example to highlight the behavior: (this example assumes an
installation with "typical" settings:
1.  Reboot two machines, machine A and machine B, and log in.
2.  From machine A, double click on the VNC server icon in the system tray
to view the server properties and deselect the 'remove desktop wallpaper'
3.  Using the VNC viewer on machine B, connect to machine A.
4.  View the properties of the VNC Server currently running on machine A.
You'll notice that the 'remove desktop wallpaper' checkbox is selected even
thought you previously deselected it.  It seems that what is shown are the
'Default Local System Properties' settings however the title for the window
is 'Current User Properties.'

So, if I'm understanding this correctly, the 'Default' properties are being
shown however it's being reported as the 'Current User' properties.  Why is
this the case?  Is this by design, and if so, why.  Or is this a bug?

One other thing to note:  this behavior only happens on the first connection
after a reboot.  If you check the server properties a second time, the
'Current User' properties reported are correct.

Thanks for the help,

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