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Connection Established - Connection Closed

Marc Perkel

I'm having a problem getting tightvnc for Windows running on a remote
computer. Trying to talk my girlfriend through it. Everything seems to
be installed correctly but when I try to get in I get:

Connection Established - then another window opens up saying Connection

The server is running under XP Pro. Initially it was working a few days
ago and stopped. This is a fairly new Windows install but have all the
latest XP patched installed.

I turned on logging but I noticed that the log file is not being
created. I think that might be a clue.

I also had her try running the viewer on her own computer with
connections from localhost allowed and she gets the same failure locally
as I get remotely. I am also running Windows XP and this works on my own

My best guess is that it is running in some sort of nonfunctional state.
The port is open, it establishes a connection, and then something dies
as it fails to do something it needs to do. My own install creates a log
file but her's does not. If it did I would probably be able to figure
this out myself.

I'm wondering if there's anything out there that conflicts with
tightvnc? I'm running 1.39, latest version.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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