Binding TightVNC server To an Ethernet Adapter

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Binding TightVNC server To an Ethernet Adapter

Jamie de Domenico
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Is there a way to Bind Tight Vnc to an Ethernet Adapter.

My situation is this
I have 2 ethernet jacks on a device both ar 10/100/1Gig
1 goes through a 10/100 router and the other goes through a 1Gig managed Switch.
On has a fixed IP (10/100) and is used for internal use and monitoring.
The other 1Gig connection (DHCP) is for web.

I can connect over the internal network to the VNC server through a client or the web.
If I plug in the 1 Gig connection the current internal connection gets dropped.

I would like to be able to bind the vnc server to a specific adapter/fixed ethernet IP so no matter what other connections (wireless, additional ethernet, USB ethernet adapter and son) are connected the VNC server communicates over the binded IP.

Is there any way to do this with out opening up the code and doing it my self?